Alexandre JUVING

" I have grown in the passion of the Beautiful and the Art. I have always loved then considered that the only real value of things was an esthetic one, to an artistic and poetic sense. I wished to get off the beaten track and to rehabilitate the " Beautiful object " which one offers, keeps and then transmits. The art for art's sake? No but the beautiful art, that seduces you, captivates you, and makes you travel. Only the inner journey is the real one : its key is emotion. The emotion by the touch, the scent, the look.
The Beautiful and the Good  under all its forms: here are my creations "

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Make up
« The sap of the Tree of life, shaped into a luxurious Elixir, » the Nature and the Culture, gathered into luxurious cases under the mythical symbol of the Tree of life, whose sap offers the eternal Beauty … Perfumes are associated in Oils of sesame, Argan or Prickly pear according to superior ranges of refinement and preciosity … Read more
The cares
Alexandre Juving and the best jewelers of place Vendôme in Paris to offer you smart and elegant Jewels, in 3 Golds and adorned with superior-quality diamonds. Declensions of Jewelry and Body Jewelry will soon be proposed to you.

Soon available. Read more
A Red, carnal and amber desire, enhanced with a fruity tone. The perfume of Love, the reason of the meetings and the coincidences, the Spark of Life, the beginning of any thing.
An ardent and wild perfume. In the depths of the eternal Africa, the cradle of the Humanity where appears the PASSIONATE RED  - ROUGE PASSIONNEL. Read more