Alexandre Juving

" I have grown in the passion of the Beautiful and the Art. I have always loved then considered that the only real value of things was an esthetic one, to an artistic and poetic sense. I wished to get off the beaten track and to rehabilitate the " Beautiful object " which one offers, keeps and then transmits. The art for art's sake? No, but the beautiful art, that seduces you, captivates you, and makes you travel. Only the inner journey is the real one : its key is emotion. The emotion by the touch, the scent, the look.
The Beautiful and the Good  under all its forms: here are my creations "

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L' E l y s è v e 
1st Parfume-Care
« The Sap of the tree of life crafted into a luxury elixir »
Culture and nature, gathered into luxury itemsunder the symbols od the tree of life surrounded by the angels delivering the divine message. The tree of life whose sap brings you the everlasting beauty. The organic perfumes are mixed with organic oils of Sesam, Argan or Prickly pear with a growing refinment and preciosity. 

With organic perfumes developped from essential oils we desactive the principles for pregnant women but also any person sensitive to all the common body and face cares. 

A unic product for all purposes : to soften the skin for a massage, with an organic sugar for scrub, for a face massage after scrubbing, for hair care before hairdryer warmth and eventually for luxury nails oils. The organic oils will protect you from the sun with their Uva/Uvb natural protecting principles. 

Choose among our 7 organic perfumes for your wellness
and let the oil protect and nourish you. 

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The cares
Alexandre Juving is working with the best Jewellers of Place Vendôme but also the coin-craftmen of "La Monnaie de Paris" to bring you breathless creations for 2017.  Read more

" La Courtisane de Paris", our brand first new exclusive perfume, dedicated to the legend of Mata hari, one of the greatest Courtisane of Paris under the 20's...Let her spirit make you travel and let you discover her loving universe. A fresh and powdery oriental perfume with 20% of genuine ingredients crafted by Alexandre Juving Paris for your pleasure. 

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